Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society

Gayton Road 2006

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Previous Exhibitions

Taking advantage of our last chance to exhibit in the old Gayton Road Library.

Bob Maurer brings in Titanites, a heavyweight among ammonites.
View of display
A general view of the exhibition space.
Amersham fossils
Fossils of the Amersham bypass, collected by Sylvia Bevis while it was under construction.
Arran display
Display about the rocks of Arran by Peter and Daphne Moore
Part of a display of coprolites (that's dinosaur poo) from which much useful information can be gleaned. That is one way to find out what kind of food they ate.
More coprolits
The rest of the coprolites
Jurassic Coast
Elinor and Rhiannon Gill produced this collage to illustrate the Jurassic Coast
Glowing rocks
A view of our fluorescent rocks. They glow when lit with UV light, much like your shirts at the disco.
Display of geode slices and rutilated quartz.


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