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Sign-up’ sheets and further information (including updates to this programme) will be provided at meetings. A small attendance fee (to cover administration costs/leaders’ expenses) will be charged.

Please Note: Members attending field trips are reminded that they accept full personal responsibility for their own safety, and that of their personal possessions, whilst on the field trip; also that they are fit to undertake the trip. (If you have a mobility problem, cardiovascular disease or other serious infirmity you must declare it before joining in the field trip; however it may not prevent you from participating.)


Field trips for 2019

Date Leader Destination Notes
30/03/2019   Highcliffe and Barton-on-Sea (Eocene fossils, Pleistocene deposits)  
17-20/05/2019   Somerset Coast based at Minehead (Devonian, Triassic and Jurassic rocks)  
13-16/09/2019   Jurassic Coast of South Wales, based at Bridgend  


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