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Monthly Meetings

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Previous Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Cavendish Pavilion, Field End Road, Eastcote. HA4 9PG (Map)

The talks start at 8:00 pm followed by any questions you may want to put to the speaker.

The evening finishes with coffee and informal conversation.

Programme for 2019

13/11/2019 Dr Simon Drake (Birkbeck) Was Palaeogene volcanism on the Isle of Skye, NW Scotland, initiated by meteorite impact?
11/12/2019 Bob Maurer (HHGS) A new look at the forces responsible for Plate Tectonics

Programme for 2020

08/01/2020 Dr Sandy Hetherington (Oxford) Getting to the root of roots
12/02/2020 Prof. David Norbury (Consultant Engineering Geologist) Triumphs and Disasters in Engineering Geology
11/03/2020 Robin Hansen (NHM) Colours of the Natural History Museum’s Gem Collection
08/04/2020 Prof Jim Rose (Royal Holloway) Quaternary Rivers and Glaciers in Midland and Eastern England – conflicting views and observable evidence - Abstract
13/05/2020 TBA  
10/06/2020 Jane Tubb (East Herts Geology Club) Microbes to Marrows
08/07/2020 TBA  
12/08/2020 TBA  
09/09/2020 TBA  
14/10/2020 Dr Ilias Karapanos (Affinity Water) Developments in understanding the flow mechanisms in the Chalk and groundwater-surface water interactions
11/11/2020 Dr Tom White (NHM) Advances in Quaternary non-marine molluscan research: the view from Britain and NW Europe
TBA Dr Jonathan Paul (Imperial)

The effects of stratigraphy on the London Underground - Abstract


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