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Gayton Road 2004

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Gayton Road Library 2004

Our exhibited at the Gayton Road Library in Harrow went extremely well. We were visited by several local schools, and one school party had a project to visit us during the half term and then do a write up on what they saw. The most popular exhibit with the children were the glowing rocks.

Some of the comments in the visitor's book are worth mentioning. Photographs below.



Madhar I liked seeing all the glowing rocks
Justine Everything was extremely fascinating - the fossils will hopefully get me a good mark for my Art GCSE for originality. Thank you
Frances really enjoyed seeing your excellent exhibition, which brought back happy memories of my Geology A level, many years ago. Thanks.
Clare An absolutely fascinating exhibition, brilliantly laid out. I spent some time in utter wonder at our miraculous planet.

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Display Board about mediterranean Volcanoes One of our many display boards. This one is about Mediterranean Volcanoes
Kidney Ore A beautiful specimen of Kidney Ore.
'Hands On' rocks 'Hands On' rocks. This exhibit gives people the chance of picking up the rocks and examining them with a magnifying glass or under a microscope.
More 'Hands On' rocks More 'Hands On' specimens. They are very popular with the children
Rocks Illuminated with Ultraviolet Light The glowing rocks. These are illuminated with ultra-violet light and some of the minerals fluoresce. It is difficult to photograph with a hand held camera and is thus out of focus, but a better picture will be produced in the future.
Sand Roses These are specimens of Desert Rose.
Abalone Shell An abalone shell from our organic gems collection


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