Field Trips

Field Trip Secretary, Allan Wheeler, led a special programme of trips to celebrate our Golden Anniversary in 2023 including the re-enactment one of the Society's first field trips to the Mendips. (photo: Sand Bay, Weston-super-Mare)
2024 Field Trip Programme
2023 Field Trip Programme
Field Trip Secretary, Allan Wheeler, led a special programme of trips to celebrate our Golden Anniversary in 2023 including the re-enactment one of the Society's first field trips to the Mendips. (photo: Sand Bay, Weston-super-Mare)
Our Field Trips are open to all members and to visitors on request. Email: for more information.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
A small attendance fee (to cover administration costs/leaders’ expenses) is charged. Joining instructions and further information on request.

N.B. We try to share cars or use public transport as much as possible to reduce costs and damage to the environment. On field trips we take photos, leave only footprints and collect only loose specimens for educational or personal use where it is environmentally safe to do so.
Please Note:
Members attending field trips are reminded that they accept full personal responsibility for their own safety, and that of their personal possessions, whilst on the field trip; also that they are fit to undertake the trip. (If you have a mobility problem, cardiovascular disease or other serious infirmity you must declare it before joining in the field trip; however as most of our field trips are taken at a gentle pace, this is unlikely to stop you participating. Please consult one of the committee if you are at all concerned.)
Virtual Field Trips and Tours

Geological Sights! Previous Field Trips by Region
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Bryan Cozens Photo Archive
1971.05 Devon. Chipley. Permian pillow lavas 1972. Dorset1. Lulworth. Stair Hole. Folded Purbeck Gp limestones 1972. Dorset2. Swanage. Ballard Cliff. White Chalk Subgp. Ballard Down Fault 1972.03.25 IOW. Whitecliff Bay. Vertical Bagshot Fm. 1972.04 Mendips. Burrington Combe.Carb. Lst. 1972.05 Dorset1. Lulworth. Stair Hole (Purbeck Gp) 1972.05 Dorset2. Lulworth. Stair Hole 1973.04 Gower1. 'Climbing up from wave-cut platform, Overton' 1973.04 Gower2. Pwll-Du Bay. Dipping Carb. Lst. 1973.04 Gower3. Pwll-Du. 'Patella beach'
1973.10 Mendips. Dulcote Quarry 1974 Devon1. Budleigh Salterton. B.S. Pebble Beds & Otter Sst, Triassic 1974. Devon2. Dawlish Warren. Langstone Rock. Permian sandstones & breccias 1974. Devon3. Dawlish Warren. Langstone Rock. Permian sst's & breccia 1974.04.07 Glos. Yate. Looking for celestine 1975. Bedfordshire. Kensworth. Chalk quarry 1975.04.06 Dorset1. Lulworth Cove 1975.04.06 Dorset2. Lulworth fossil forest. Purbeck Group 1975.04.06 Dorset3. Stair Hole & Lulworth Cove. Purbeck Group 1975.04.06 Lulworth fossil forest. Prob. Cozen's children
1975.10.20 Somerset. Portishead. 'Mendipian structure' ORS 1976 Charnwood Forest1. 'Bomb Rocks' loc. Charnwood Lodge Fm. volc. debris flow 1976.04 (prob.) Charnwood Forest2. Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill Fm tuffs 1976.04 Charnwood Forest3. 'Bomb Rocks'. Charnwood Lodge Fm. volcanic debris flow 1976.04 Charnwood Forest4. Hanging Rocks. Charnwood Lodge Fm. 'Felsitic agglomerate' 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest. Bradgate Pk. Slump Breccia (Bradgate Fm) 1976.04.03 (Q) Charnwood Forest5. Bardon Hill Q. Triassic seds on Bar. H. Volcanics (foss. wadi) 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest6. Beacon Hill. B.H. Fm (Maplewell Gp,  late Prot.) 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest7. Beacon Hill. B.H. Fm volcanosedimentary deps. (Maplewell Gp) 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest8. Bradgate House. South Charnwood Diorites
1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest9. Bradgate Park. Slickensiding 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest10. Bradgate Park. Stable Pit Mbr. Fault breccia 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest11. Bradgate Pk. Beacon Hill Fm volcanosedimentary rocks (Maplewell Gp) 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest12. Bradgate Pk. Charnia discus (Bradgate Fm. Maplewell Gp) 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest13. Bradgate Pk. S. Charnwood Diorite 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest14. Bradgate Pk. Slickensiding 1976.04.03 Charnwood Forest16. Swithland Slate Fm (Cambrian) 1976.04 Dorset. Isle of Portland. Pulpit Rock 1976.05 E. Sussex. Beachy Head1 1976.05 E. Sussex. Beachy Head2
1976.05 Beachy Head3 1976.05 Beachy Head4 1976.09 Charnwood Forest. Newhurst Quarry. North Charnwood Diorites 1977.10 Dorset. Stair Hole, Lulworth (Purbeck Group) 1978.04.23 Mendip. R. Axe, Wookey 1979 Dorset. Blue Pool near Swanage (former clay pit) 1979 Durlston Bay, Swanage (Purbeck Group) 1979 Dorset. Lulworth Cove. Purbeck & Portland Groups 1979 Dorset. Swanage from Peveril Point. Purbeck Group limestones 1979 Dorset. Portland. Fossil Garden. Cycad
1979 Durlston Head (Portland Group) 1979 Peak Dist. Padley Gorge nr Grindleford. Millstones (Millstone Grit Gp) Edge, N. Lees Estate. Millstone Grit Gp (Carb-Namurian) 1979.0.15 Peak Dist. Monsal Dale 1979.05.15 Peak Dist. Stanage Edge, N. Lees Estate. Millstone Grit Gp (Carb-Namurian) 1979.05.17 Peak Dist. Magpie (lead) mine 1979.10 Dorset. Swanage. Old Harry Rocks. White Chalk Subgp. 1980.05 Hythe Beds - 'Rag & Hassock' 1980.05.15 Kent. Westerham. Squerry's Pit. Upr Greensand 1980.05.15 Kent. Westerham. Squerry's Pit. Upr Greensand & Gault Fm.
1980.10 IsleofWight 1980.10 IOW (Loc. unkn) Leisegang features 1980.10 IOW. Cowleaze Chine. Deltaic sands 1980.10 IOW. Culver Cliff. 'Haematite bands' 1980.10.05 IOW.  Bembridge Limestone 1981 Kent. Chilmington Green Q, 'Rag & Hassock', Hythe Fm, L. Greensand Gp 1981 Kent. Sturry. Lower Greensand Group 1981 Kent. Sturry. Lower Greensand Malvern Hills. Gullet Quarry. Late Proterozoic Malverns Complex of meta-igneous rocks Oxfordshire. Churchill. William Smith memorial