Geologists' Association Virtual Festival of Geology (November 6-7th 2021)
Welcome to the Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society displays!
-1- Escape to overseas locations! Enjoy our photographic records of 4 field trips and see some spectacular geology without leaving home.
-2- Visit our area! Follow the new
virtual building stones walk in Uxbridge. Use the notes to notice our urban geology next time you go to Uxbridge.
-3- What can we understand about past climates from the rocks of Harrow and Hillingdon? See the evidence that's under our feet.
Photographic records of overseas field trips:
Rhineland Italy Guernsey and Sark Belgium
Local Geology
Virtual Trip for online visitors:

Building Stones Walk in Uxbridge
As world leaders meet in Glasgow to discuss climate change, we take a look at the changing climate through geological time with our new display:

Climate Change in our Region
Exhibitions team: Joan Waters, Jackie Gill, John Gill, Allan Wheeler, Liz Chiu
Historical Highlights
Virtual Field Trip to Pinner
Geological Sights!