Happy Days
from past field trips. Photos by Allan Wheeler.
For the GA Festival of Geology, held online in 2020 and 2021, we compiled photos from our field trips by region with short descriptions of the geological features we visited. We aim to complete this process and add the remaining regions during 2022 and in time for our 50th Anniversary celebrations.
Explore and enjoy the regions below:
London and the Southeast Central England North of England
Southwest England Wales Guernsey and Sark
Belgium Italy Rhineland
Historical Highlights
Crocodile Fossil

In 1990 a Metriorhyncus (crocodile) fossil was found by schoolboy Simon Taylor.
HHGS members including Peter Taylor, Cyril Robinson, Marion Taylor, Bryan Cozens, Allan Wheeler, helped to recover the fossil from Oxford Clay Quest Pit, Stewartby.
In these photos you can see the fossil skull being prepared by HHGS members:
John Crocker, Jo Crocker, Bob Maurer, Joan Waters, Jackie Gill, John Gill, Marion Taylor, Colleen Field, Cyril Robinson, Peter Taylor