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Stone Show 06

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7th Natural Stone Show 14 -16 March at ExCel Centre

Several members attended this year’s Stone show. Stones Shows are great: if you book in advance they are free. The stones displayed come from all over the world. They are usually named in three classes: granites, marbles and limestones, but you have to be careful not to take these descriptions as accurate. But whatever they are called these rocks are beautiful.

There are architects showing photographs of buildings that they constructed, clad inside and out with exotic stones. The quarry companies show examples of where these stones come from.

The monumental masons show how they can provide a fitting memorial to a loved one. Besides decorative carving they can etch, with lasers, diamond drills, water jets etc, a likeness onto a headstone.

On display are huge, computer controlled machines to prepare your kitchen work tops or bathroom fittings.

Your garden is catered for in several ways. Stone setts, slate chippings, mosaics etc can cover the ground and statues can please the eye, with often a water feature.

This year being world cup year, there were many granite footballs in evidence.

You do not need to know any geology to appreciate the forms, the colours and the textures and you are usually allowed to touch.

Cuting a stone work top
This is a machine for cutting stone work tops.
Hand Basin
This process for setting rock in resin to make architectural features is experimental. This hand basin will cost you about £3,000, but a thing of beauty is a joy for ever.
World cup fever at the Stone Show. These balls came from China.
Carved limestone cornice
This carved limestone is a young mason's show piece. This was hand carved, not computer generated.
Water feature
This pedestal and ball could form a nice water feature for your garden.
An example of etching on slate.
Granite motor bike
What would be the miles per gallon for this solid 'granite' motor bike? Was this produced by computer or hand carved?



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