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Colleen's Page

These are the pictures that Colleen sent back from China.

Inze Canyon

China's Grand Canyon, north of Korla, (southern Tian Shan.)

Well worth the visit. Wind & water erosion. Sand, mudstone. In places there are
cemented pebble beds & much folding /faulting. Upstream I walked over beds
of ice, the sun has little chance of penetrating the narrow canyon.

Canyon Entrance Canyon entrance
Jagged Rocks
Jagged Rocks in the Southern Tian Shan mountains. Mud & sand eroded, almost vertical strata.
Fault Line

Korla, southern Tian Shan mountains, north of Talamakan desert.

100ma fault on Peacock river. Sandstones, mudstones, quartzites, eroded faultline on upper left to lower right.

Fault Line 2 Eroded fault from picture above is on left. Granite upper right


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