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Isle of Sheppey

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It was a cold and windy day but a fair sized group, including friends from Brent, turned up in the car park at Warden Bay for a trip along the beach. Our leader Fred Clouter began by showing us a selection of the beautiful fossils that it is possible to collect at Sheppey. These can also be seen on his web site Sheppey Fossils.

Unfortunately the pickings were slim that day, and hampered by the cockling industry which has resulted in covering the beach with shell shards. This makes it very difficult to find shark's teeth. However a few fossils were found. Sydney found a very nice lobster burrow and Maureen found a good shark's tooth. This was given to Fred for his research because it was a rare find and a good example of preservation.

Log with trace fossils A fossilised log including trace fossils
Septarian Nodule with trace fossils A septarian nodule also with trace fossils
Searching the beach Searching the beach at Warden Bay on a cold and windy day.

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