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We had a wonderful evening trip to Maidstone Museum. It was the Kent Geological Society AGM and during their meeting Prof. Ed Jarzembowski took us on a tour of the exhibits. We had the Museum to ourselves and concentrated on the Geology and Natural History sections. The displays specialised on local flora and fauna, and also local fossils of which there were many fine specimens.

We also had a tour of the Egypt Gallery and a glance at some of the other exhibits as well. However the high spot of the evening was a tour of the 'Lower Store'. This is a positive treasure trove. Ancient porcelain and glass sit side by side with Samurai swords stacked on the shelves and all there for us to look at. There were also many fossils, minerals, bones, books; the list is endless. We browsed among the shelves, encouraged to touch and enjoy the specimens. There was a book written by Joseph Banks entirely in latin and some beautiful antique books of birds, in full colour, with their descriptions.

All together it was a fun evening and we all enjoyed it very much.

Wealden dragonfly
This is Atoyea, a Wealden dragonfly
Diagram of wealden dragonfly
Diagram of Atoyea
Megaceros, Irish Elk
Skeleton of Megaceros, the giant Irish Elk.
Ed Jarzembowski
Ed Jarzembowski in the stores at Maidstone Museum. Huge thanks to him for organising this trip for us.
Antlers and Horns
A selection of antlers and horns in the store
Browsing the shelves
Members browsing through the stores like kids in a sweet shop.

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