Geology trail guides
Our field trip organiser is busy preparing downloadable guides which explain the local geology to be found around Harrow and Hillingdon boroughs. Each trail guide sets out an itinerary around a local town, designed to be followed at a comfortable pace in a couple of hours and is fully illustrated for ease of navigation. For the enthusiast, full geological detail is included and explained in clear English. 

The first guide to be made available is for the historic town of Pinner in the London Borough of Harrow. Of geological interest in the area are the disused Pinner chalk mines and the River Pinn, which runs through the centre of the town. Pinner grew in size and affluence in the 1920s and boasts a fourteenth century church and a number of listed buildings. A wide range of decorative building stones can be seen on the facades of its high street shops, including Swedish marble, Bath Stone, serpentinite, larvikite, and some very attractive granites.
Building Stones Trail Guide to Pinner
In preparation...
Building stones trail guide to Uxbridge
Building stones trail guide to Ruislip
Building stones trail guide to Harrow-on-the-Hill