Robert Maurer

Bob Maurer graduated as a mining metallurgist in South Africa and worked in gold uranium and diamond mines before studying electro-chemistry at the University of London. This took him into research projects on the growth of single crystals of Alpha –Uranium crystals and the hydrogen embrittlement of high tensile steels, and to a career in engineering. After a number of jobs related to fluid flow measurement he set up Maurer Instruments Ltd where he developed a range special purpose Turbine flow meters and a range of Crude Oil Sampling equipment in addition to meter calibration systems. Bob has delivered a large number of papers on Flow Measurement, Meter Proving and Crude Oil Sampling in the UK, Europe and the USA. His main hobbies are now related to mineral and fossil collecting. It was this hobby that took Bob to the Bolivian Andes and led him on to look at the forces associated with Tectonic Movements.

Bob has given talks to HHGS and other geology groups on several topics of interest to him:
- An engineers approach to the forces responsible for tectonic and orogenic movements (December 2019)
- Our Heritage - Stone Tools and Rock Art
- Did climatic changes in Europe give rise to the rock carvings in North Africa?
- Mining for Rare Minerals in Mexico
Read about the forces that shape our planet:
Rotating Earth and Plate Tectonics
"To understand something you must be able to measure it"
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