David Brook's page
HHGS President, Dr David Brook, OBE, is a chartered Geologist, Fellow of the Geological Society and of the Institute of Quarrying; he was chairman of the London Geodiversity Partnership (LGP) from 2011-15. He played an important role in producing “London’s Foundations: protecting the geodiversity of the capital” a London Plan Implementation Report for the Mayor of London in 2009, revised 2012.

Before his retirement, David worked for the Government department responsible for planning the country’s mineral extractions, such as sands and gravels, brick clay, chalk, hard rocks, slate and metals. He was Principal Scientific Officer at the Department of the Environment where he specialised in the integration of earth science with policy issues with respect to land-use planning. His research extended to mineral working, land stability, pollution control, flooding & the coast.

David’s detailed reports and reviews are to be found in many local and national geological magazines. He is a frequent speaker at HHGS monthly meetings on subjects as diverse and extensive as British minerals, landslides, tsunamis, china clay, gypsum and limestone mining. His depth of knowledge is evident from the fact that he has presented on far more topics than any other speaker in the Society’s history.
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